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Camping Shovel A3 Wolf Warrior Shovel with Hardwood Handle, Geology Garden Shovel

Camping Shovel A3 Wolf Warrior Shovel with Hardwood Handle, Geology Garden Shovel

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Item introduction

🏜️🏝️Outdoor: Through professional assembly modules can be installed in cars, motorcycles, bicycles, boats, rafts...... Of course, you have to spend time and effort to find the right modules to assemble, but once you do, it will be cool.
🏕️⛺️Camping: It can be used to dig trenches, bunkers, drains, rainwater collection ponds, simple toilets, campfire pits......, to pile up mounds, stones, bricks, sand, mud..... Of course, other tools are needed if necessary, such as pickaxes, saws, ropes, etc.
🐟🐊Fishing: Thinking about the delicious fish that will be on the table today, I am ready to go fishing in the lake or river, I need to prepare a shovel in addition to fishing gear, it needs to be strong, because sometimes unknown objects emerge from the water, need to use it clear, or if the paddle is broken, need to use it to row. Sometimes it is necessary to go to the shore to prepare a piece of land for rest, and of course a shovel is necessary.
🏇🏻🐕Hunting: When I take my dog to a hunting ground on horseback or on foot, I need to sharpen at least one edge of my shovel, because it needs to be used as an axe to cut branches, split wood, and if necessary, as a large dagger. Note: The edge of the shovel you received is without a sharp edge, is in pristine condition, and is blunt. If the shovel needs a sharp edge, please process it in a safe space, professional equipment and professional guidance.
🍑🌺Gardening: Spring has arrived, the snow has melted, the ground has revived, the garden needs to be cleaned, the soil needs to be turned, consider a shovel that is not too small, not too big, but also strong and sturdy, don't worry about curling, and by the time summer or fall arrives, the garden will be full of flowers and fruit.
🪂🎒Hiking & Backpacking:Some people like to go to places that are rarely visited (virgin forests, mountains, parks, etc.), feel the pleasure of being alone, get close to nature, and forget the troubles of life or work. Yes, a backpack is enough. Oh, and we need to pack light. Is it necessary to carry such a heavy shovel? When you are unable to carry large digging tools due to the size of your backpack, the shovel is your best choice, it is not the most perfect, but the most effective.
Is the shovel head strong?
Experiment: Buy similar products on the market, hold each shovel to knock the stone for comparison, only our shovel comes out with a clear and pleasant sound at the same time, the stone is easily broken. You can experiment with it yourself and return it if you are not satisfied. The shovel head after high temperature quenching, forging, hammering, cooling and other processes, rather than a simple molding stamping process, which is the reason why it is strong. In addition, the head of the shovel is not sprayed with any spray paint, only a layer of protective oil is applied to avoid rust. When using for the first time, be careful that the protective oil stains your hands or the floor.
Is the shovel handle strong?
The hard parts of selected beech or oak wood are cut into sticks and then polished into shape on a machine. During the sanding or assembly process, some of the wooden handles are damaged and then eliminated, leaving a qualified shovel. We refuse to use synthetic mixed wood processing wood handle, even if its cost is low, but not hard enough, easy to crack, if too much force, will break directly, after wet water, easy to crack, can not be used for a long time.
Does the shovel need maintenance?
The protective oil of the shovel head may be worn off during the use of the shovel, and there will be rust marks when it encounters moist moisture. If you want to reuse the shovel many times to make it durable, you need to clean the dirty things (dirt, water, etc.) on the shovel head after each use, wipe it clean, and apply protective oil to make it always look bright as new. The shovel handle can be wrapped with emergency rescue rope or twine.
Shovel Sheath: It works not only with this shovel, but also with most "Special Forces" shovels on the market, and can be hung on a backpack or belt. If you want to avoid accidentally dropping and losing the shovel, you need to use additional rope or modules to secure it, and you need to check the status of the shovel frequently.
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