Tana Gabrielle



28 years old

Charlotte, NC

United States

Platinum - Model

Tana Gabrielle's INTERESTS

General:ROCK AND ROLL BABY! I love live music and live comedy, animals of all kinds, chocolate and wine, herbs and organic products, naturopathy,weight training, and more chocolate and wine!

Music:Definitely a rock chic but I do listen to other types of music depending on my mood. Love the glam rock 80's and also HARD,heavy guitar fueled groups like Sevendust, Godsmack, etc. I am a huge melodic rock fan as well. When the mood strikes, I like to wrap my soul in Kamelot and Lacuna Coil. Good stuff!

Movies:Goofball here...so I prefer comedies--really cheesy ones like Dumb and Dumber, Deuce Bigalow, and Adam Sandler flicks! And if you haven't seen the movie "Love Stinks", YOU MUST RENT IT AND LAUGH YOURSELF SILLY!

Television:Not a big TV person ( I'm a voracious reader!) but I will get sucked in to the occassional cheeseball reality show. Currently, that train wreck of a show called "Rock of Love" has me shamefully tuning in! LOL. American Idol fan and ok..I watch the Hollywood gossip shows too! Love Bill Maher and Conan O'Brian...

Books:LOVE BOOKS! Non-fiction only. I must be learning something ( especially after watching the trash above on TV!) I love health and nutrition books...anything on natural healing and herbs and stuff dealing with human psychology.( Don't they call those "self help" books? LOL) I love to self diagnose!

Heroes:Jesus Christ-- anyone who died for me is on this list and he's the only one so far!

Tana Gabrielle's DETAILS

Hometown: VA. BEACH, VA.

Body Type: Athletic / 5' 2''

Zodiac Sign:Scorpio

Smoke / Drink: No / Yes

Education: Some college


Income: $45,000 to $60,000